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  • Grupo de Cavaquinhos de S. Romão
  • Madeira - o Braguinha / Machete
  • Comparação dos tamanhos naturais
  • Estadios Unidos da América
  • Cavaquinho e Rabeca
  • O Cavaquinho no Brasil
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  • O Cavaquinho pelo Mundo
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Come to visit the biggest in the world website of the Cavaquinho's world and meet its practice in Portugal


Here Here you can know about Cavaquinho's History, Instruments, Luthiers, Ornaments, Tunings, Chordes, Links, Musicians and access to a Image Gallery. Mainly, you will know the music of several "cavaquinhos" all over the world! A community bigger than 200 million people!

You You will be able to follow the Nacional Inventory of Luthiers, Musicians, Groups and Schools and access the corresponding information.

The website gathers Cavaquinho in Portugal (Continent), Braguinha on Madeira Island, Brazilian Cavaquinho, Cape verdean Cavaquinho, Ukulele on Hawaii and USA and Keroncong in Indonesia.

A Transcontinental journey! Since 500 years ago, discovering the world, we carry, sow and exchange affection. Here is the Cavaquinho, that for its size and simplicity, will always be one of the protagonists of that affection. Júlio Pereira, 2013



www.cavaquinhos.pt                                            www.ukulele.world