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This map looks to contribute for the dissemination of the portuguese tradicional music and its respective instruments. This doesn't intend to be an academic work or the final and only word, even if summary, about this subject, but it follows with accuracy the word of those who dedicated all of his work. The criteria of geopraphic division in provinces, already in disuse even if aguarble (as everything...), appeared to us to be the most appropriate and effective, due to the gepgraphic and social characteristics of each region and to the permanence of their names in our memory. We adopted, however, in general the distinction of Ernesto veiga de Oliveira, the greatest and undisguised figure on this work, between the coast from Minho to Tejo and than extended no the Algarve's coast - festive, social, frolic - and the interior of the Beira and Trás-os-Montes's uplands that extends, although with particularities, to the Alentejo - austere, serious and cerimonial.

João Luís Oliva